We want to point out that all second hand vehicles and additional cargo need to comply with rules and regulations in place following the most recent Port Instructions and the Municipal Port Police Regulations (MPPR). As agreed upon during a recent meeting with representatives of the port community, we would like to use this message as a reminder of the rules and engagements concerning the loading list of additional cargo.

Article 4.9.9 of the MPPR states that "for every vehicle that is loaded with additional cargo, a detailed loading list shall be drawn up with indication of all the additional cargo items; general descriptions such as 'personal goods' are not acceptable".

Also stated in all instructions, additional cargo in the vehicle is only allowed if it can be easily accessed and inspected.

We urge all shippers and agents to make sure:
  • To attach the packing list on the inside of the front screen window of the vehicle at the bottom right area, in a manner that it does not cause any visibility problems for the terminal driver assigned to load and/or discharge the vehicle;

  • That the packing list is in possession (digitally) of the agent and in compliance with all national an international regulations;

  • That the packing list is sent to the agency of the shipping line that will ship the cargo in order to be fully aware of what they are transporting;

  • that each packing list bears a unique reference allowing to be traced/reproduced for/advisted to any competent authority and/or party in case of legal requirement.

In case that the vehicle is not compliant with these instructions, it will be blocked and cannot be exported.  

We trust that all parties involved will take note of these regulations in order to continue this cargo flow in a safe and sustainable way.
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